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Project Description
Building on the base of the CommonData project, defines table, stored procedures, data layer and sample ASP.NET pages to hold parameter information for boolean, integer, string and other data types.

Solution Structure

* CommonCS - C# version of the code library
* CommonCSTest - C# unit test project of CommonCS
* CommonLogOn - C# logon module
* CommonLogOnTest - C# unit test project of CommonLogOn
* CommonObjectCS - C# project for data structures only
* CommonParam - Data layer for the CommonParam project
* CommonParamTest - C# unit test of CommonParam and CommonServiceAction
* CommonParamWeb - Web site for the CommonParam project
* CommonServiceAction - C# action class project for CommonServiceCS
* CommonServiceActionTest - C# test of CommonServiceAction
* CommonServiceCS - C# Windows Service using CommonServiceAction

Units Tests
Unit tests of the various functions in CommonData will be included with code coverage as far as possible towards the 80-90% level as measured by PartCover.

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